Eternal Rose Temple May 28-30 2021

Because of the Pandemic, we chose not to hold in person intimacy events from March 2020 – Jan 28 2021.  Beginning at Spring Equinox (March 21, 2021) we agree that it is time to begin negotiating the creation of “Hybrid” temples wherein we meet in small pods based on negotiated safety needs and we then connect those in person pods via Video Chats during the same time to engage in the exercises that are the Temple event. There are many considerations for personal safety and preferences that require clear complex and in depth communication to ensure that each person’s explicit consent is obtained and each person’s body sovereignty is acknowledged honored, and respected in each small pod that is formed based on choice and affinity. Our preference is that each small pod that forms, have these conversations before registering for our Temple events. We will coach you and provide articles and research to help you make these communications if this kind of authentic negotiation of personal boundaries is a new experience for you.

Beginning with our Jan 28-31, 2021 Mycelia Temple, Living Love Revolution Aphrodite Temples held in the Portland, OR area are now private invitation-only events available to people who have participated in Living Love Revolution events in the past three years.

We, the current members of the LLR Priestess Body are now negotiating a private Temple community for each Temple experience which expands beyond the Priestess Body to include our polycules, our already existing intimate partners, and people whom we wish to personally be intimate with. If you are interested in receiving a private invitation to our next Temple event please see “How to Join” below.

We are proposing a “BOTH AND” situation

Because we still live in a capitalist society that requires we pay rent for venues and hand over cash for food, we will continue to hold Aphrodite Temples for fair energy exchange. Helena Palmqvist deFelice will continue to be the High Priestess and Hierophant of the Canadian Branch of LLR Aphrodite Temple and will conduct Temples in beautiful locations with catering etc as she sees fit to do so with Reverend Ciacchi’s blessings and… The Portland branch of Living Love Revolution will take a few more steps toward their fantasy of creating non-capitalist, polyamorous, queer, autonomous sexual liberation events by reinventing itself as a private community.

What we Know:

We will be co-creating our own group safer/braver protocols based on our experience and skill with Dr Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent Trainings. We will also be using the framework offered for clear communication in Dr. Evelin Dacker’s Covid Care and the well thought out understandings in LLR’s Safer/Braver Space document including the crystal clear definition of consent given there. We are also always working with the skills we have developed as peer cousnelors practicing CHPC sessions and the science and psychology of Interpersonal Neurobiology provided in the works of Dr Dan Siegel. Members of the Priestess Body will be adults of 21 years old or older.

What we don’t know:

We are at this point transforming the Priestess Body in Portland to create a larger network in an attempt to more closely imitate Mycelium we are hoping to move toward a less capitalist more communitarian structure that shares power and money in a more egalitarian way based on needs rather than a hierarchy of power and social status. At this point, Teri is very invested in not having the LLR Aphrodite Temple be a cult of personality but rather a communal exchange of meeting desires in a space of joy and liberation, (Temporary Autonomous Zone). Reading the essay and watching the video given below, should give you enough information to understand what we are saying here. 

We want to be clear that we do not know how to do this and we have not been able to do it yet. We do know however that we have gained an excellent level of skill regarding consent, egalitarian group processes, group dynamics that encourage each person to authentically share their needs and wants, and an ability (mostly through participating in regular CHPC sessions) to express themselves openly with Curiosity, Openness, Acceptance and Love (C.O.A.L. thank you Dan Siegel). We want to continue to grow and push our evolutionary edges and we would like to include you in these efforts.

How to Request joining the Priestess Body:

If you think you would like to attend our next Aphrodite Temple Please read the following essay, watch the following video and schedule a 30 – 60 min video chat with members of the Priestess Body at least 2 weeks before Temple event date by sending us an email here:

Again, How to Join?

  1. Watch video presentation with Teri and Mae: Queer Ritual & Consent Protocols for Group Sex Magic & Entheogen Use
  2. Read essay written by Teri: Golden Waves & Priestess Bodies: Establishing a Queer-Centric Poly-Normative Aphrodite Cultus in Cascadia
  3. Email to express your interest and set up a live video chat with members of the Priestess Body