October Temple Migontis Ekstasis Oct 8-10

Mycelium, Bees, and Stardust are the central mysteries of the Living Love Revolution. The October 2021 Aphrodite Temple: Migontis Ekstasis is focused on awakening to our desires and the abundant source of love in our hearts. This Temple’s theme is Ecstatic Union, because we have been unable to meet safely in person since March 2020 and have so longed for the opportunity to be physically intimate.

Yearning, belonging and desire are very present in all humans right now. Looking upward we see the stars that shine Above Us and from which we were created. The word desire comes from the Latin desiderare (“to long for”), from de- + sidus (“a star”). We gather in Temple to awaken our desires, to venerate and be guided by the Stars. Feeling the Ground beneath us we sense the Great Below and we listen intently to our intuitive physical knowing. We attempt to answer these inquiries: What is good for our bodies to experience?, What is needed by the land?, How can we feed our Ancestors and the “Mysterious Others” ? This Temple focuses on immersion in the unitary field of consciousness, the non dual realm of connection behind our egoic identities and illusions. We wish to swim closer to the Source of all erotic life, the place from which we came, the place where we shall return after this life ends. An elusive place that is difficult to speak of but delightful to experience. We sensually explore the web of connection between the expansive Transpersonal Love of the Galaxy, the ancient astral planes of mystery within us and the grounded physicality of our Holy and Sacred bodies. We use this connection to capture our vision of what an Aphrodisiacal Culture is and can be: a functional, satisfied group of people who are dedicated to developing themselves as a resource of Transpersonal Love & Lust for themselves, their community, and the planet.

This is the soaring resonance of a galaxy slowly spinning in the infinite reaches of space, and the deep authenticity of humans connecting their hearts, their sex and their consciousness. In this state, everyone is present and aware of their interconnection, thinking well about each other; offering their love and care to each other and allowing this attention to overflow into their lived environments. 

Come to the Temple and experience Migontis Ekstasis; ecstatic union. Develop your skills of love, sensuality and sex within this sacred and consent-based environment. Feel Golden Waves of acceptance, friendliness, openness, and curiosity through your own body’s felt experience and intentionally send these waves out into the rest of the world. Know that you are love. Love runs from you and through you, connecting you to the Unitary Field of Oneness from which we ourselves are made.

The program will begin at 1pm on Friday October 8th and conclude at 1pm on Sunday, October 10th. This Temple will be at White Oak Center in NW Portland, OR. The exact address will be provided after registration.