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July 2023 Mermaid Temple Announcement

Due to recent events that require added attention and care, the Priestess Body is taking a sacred pause in creating the Mermaid Temple. To ensure that we can bring an exquisite Temple experience for everyone, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the Mermaid Temple originally scheduled for July 21-23, 2023, in Mill Bay, BC. We understand that many of you were looking forward to joining us, and appreciate your patience. We hope to return soon with resonance and spaciousness.

About Aphrodite Mermaid Temple

Our Aphrodite Mermaid Temple is focused on the fluidity, sensuousness, and wisdom of WATER represented by mysterious mythical MERMAIDS. This Temple connects the power of Stardust reflected upon our oceanic souls; the Goddess Aphrodite in her aspect as Stella Maris, Star of the Sea. Our venue is Hayden House of Ancestral Healing, a private residence located in Mill Bay, BC, Canada, a 45 min drive from Victoria BC Canada. Hayden House is a luxurious retreat center complete with a heated outdoor swimming pool, fully equipped gym and BDSM dungeon. The program will begin at 11am on Friday and conclude at 3pm on Sunday. The luxury of the venue is reflected in our increased prices.

Registration will open again once we have new dates! If you have attended an LLRS Aphrodite Temple since 2021 , please send an email requesting registration link to: llraphroditetemple@gmail.com. If you wish to attend for first time click button below to set up a screening interview.

  Our Mermaid Temple Themes: Water & Stardust

Water: a precious resource on earth that needs our love and attention. We will embrace the watery aspect of ourselves, invoking mermaids while diving into the onsite pool. We focus on keeping ourselves nourished and hydrated in these parched times so that we may share our water in communion with others, both human and non-human. We ask ourselves what we need to be nourished, what is the water we need and the water we have to share. As Summer comes to its peak, we contemplate the eternal nature of the summer and take a long drink of her beautiful presence. Come ask yourself what it is that you need for growth and healing around your sexuality and your life.

We also hope to inspire all participants to investigate desire as it spontaneously arises in and between our bodies. The word desire comes from the Latin desiderare (“to long for”), from de- + sidus (“a star”). We gather in Aphrodite Temple to awaken our desires, to venerate and be guided by the Stars. Immerse yourself in the ocean of connection, the expansive Transpersonal Love of the galaxy and the watery well of specific desire within each of us. Develop your skills of love, sensuality and sex within this sacred and consent-based environment. Feel waves of acceptance, friendliness, openness, and curiosity through your own body’s felt experience and intentionally send these waves out into the rest of the world. Flowing together in wetness we will emerge a more resonant community of Beloveds.

The program will begin at 11am on Friday and conclude at 3pm on Sunday. This Temple will be taking place at a beautiful property Hayden House of Ancestral Healing in Mill Bay, BC, Canada, a ~45 min drive from Victoria BC Canada. ​​Hayden House is a luxurious retreat centre complete with a heated outdoor swimming pool, fully equipped gym and BDSM dungeon.

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