Bees & Honey Aphrodite Temple June 10-12, 2022

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Join us at the Aphrodite Temple Bees & Honey this June 10th – 12th!

Mycelium, Bees, and Stardust are the central mysteries of the Living Love Revolution. The June 2022 Aphrodite Temple: Bees & Honey is focused on awakening to our desires and the abundant source of love in our hearts. The buzzing of the bees and their sweet honey remind us of our radiant immanence and interconnection. In this Temple, we work to create a community and culture based on love that includes love of our own selves and our own bodies as well as extending that love to others and the planet herself (the Gaiac Body). We use this to capture our vision of what an Aphrodisiacal Culture is and can be: a functional, satisfied group of people who are dedicated to developing themselves as a resource of Transpersonal Love for themselves, their community, and the planet.

In this state, everyone is present and aware of their interconnection, thinking well about each other, and offering their love and care to each other and to their lived environments while also maintaining their individuality, sovereignty, and authenticity. This is the type of connection and community we are working to create and grow with Aphrodite Temples.

Come to the Temple and experience this great oneness of being. Develop your skills of love, sensuality, and sex within this sacred and consent-based environment. Feel Golden waves of acceptance, friendliness, openness, and curiosity through your own body’s felt experience and intentionally send these waves out into the rest of the world. Know that you are love. Love runs from you and through you connecting you to the source of all love and life.

The program will begin at 1pm on Friday June 10th and conclude at 1pm on Sunday, June 12th. This Temple will be at an exquisite retreat center near the Pacific Ocean in Copalis Beach, WA. The exact address will be provided to applicants that register after the screening interview.

If you would like to schedule a screening call to attend, please contact us at

More details will follow!