Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some frequently asked questions that we get about Temple attendance and experience. Click on a question to read the answer, and if you have any other questions feel free to contact us!

No. While sexual activity can and often does occur between participants, this is primarily a space for sacred sexual healing and exploration of your own self and desires. We do a lot of work discussing and emphasizing the importance of consent. This is not a sex party, an orgy, or even explicitly for the purpose of sexual activity, though self-knowledge, desire, and pleasure are emphasized. Healing is prioritized over getting off, ejaculating or achieving orgasm.

Aphrodite Temple is not a place to come expecting erotic experiences or to find a partner because it is first and foremost for healing. That said, it is also true that sexual activity can and does occur between participants and it is possible to experience what might look from the outside to be “hooking up.”

Relationships of all kinds have formed through meeting at temple. A few of them have lasted, but for the most part the connections made at Aphrodite Temple are, like Aphrodite herself, fickle and ephemeral. This is not a place to attend seeking to find your ideal mate.

We are open to people of all sexes, genders, sexualities, bodies, and relationship structures. If you are interested in gaining self-insight around sexuality, open to participating in a sacred sex magick ritual, and desire to explore your own abilities around intimacy, openness, and vulnerability, temple is the right place for you regardless of personal identities or current relationship status.

No. We do not engage in gender segregation for this event as we are interested in healing for everyone. While we recognize it can be beneficial in certain circumstances, we are working in a context that includes people of all of sexes and genders.

As long as you are open to participating in sacred sex magick ritual in a respectful way without disrupting the group, you are welcome to attend. We regularly have attendees from various spiritual backgrounds, and all that matters is your willingness to attend. The weekend is structured as a combination workshop and ritual, and there is something here for everyone.