Intention & Consent


In Aphrodite Temple, sensuality is celebrated, intimacy is sacred, your body is a temple, and “All Acts of Love and Pleasure are Her Rituals.” The intention of Aphrodite Temple is to create a sacred ritual group healing that gives you an opportunity to experience yourself as “soul-and-mind-inseparable-from-body ((Languaging taken from the work of Joanna Freuh.))” in intimate context with others.

Our desire is to move you out of a place where intimacy is performative and operates from concepts of looking good and being perfect, into a context where you can see yourself and others as intact and “integrated fields of erotic beauty ((Languaging taken from the work of Joanna Freuh.))” that long to simply BE with each other. Join us as we share the techniques we have learned that allow an expansion of our divine selves and a glimpse at embodied consciousness.

Learn to be physically intimate in small groups with excellent boundaries and clear explicit verbal consent based on a foundation of love. This weekend of embodiment practices is designed to increase your ability to experience both Immanence and Transpersonal Divine Love.

Explicit Verbal Consent

In LLR Aphrodite Temple, explicit verbal consent is the default. As part of Temple programming, we explore our own desires and ability to both give and receive an enthusiastic yes, as well as a compassionate no. Feeling safe, being deeply listened to, being clearly witnessed, and being comfortable in your body are essential aspects of all Aphrodite Temple activities. Authentic and honest communication provides a safe and relaxed environment for participants to explore their inner and outer erotic selves.

The level of intimacy you experience at Aphrodite Temple is completely dependent on your own comfort level. You must be comfortable being in the same room as nudity and erotic activity, but you are in no way required to take off your clothing or engage in anything you do not want to. Checking in with yourself and only making authentic requests or offers is prioritized over doing what other people want you to do or acting only to meet other people’s needs.