Aphrodite Temples & Donations for Services

A Church Sanctuary is Born

In the Summer of 2022 Living Love Revolution transformed into the Living Love Revolution Sanctuary. We are now a church that is registered with the State of OR. We are now a non-profit seeking federal gov. 501c3 recognition. We choose to say LLR Sanctuary instead of “Church” because our offerings are centering queer and polyamorous peoples many of whom have traumatic associations around the word church. As a Sanctuary we no longer charge fees for services but rather suggest donations and tithing based on our members self disclosure of income, inherited wealth and property ownership (or lack thereof).

Our newly created Board of Directors has three Members; Reverend Teri D.Ciacchi, Reverend Mischa H. Gilraen and Reverend Helena deFelice. Anyone who attends any of our services, in person or online, becomes a general member of the LLR Sanctuary. Our services include but are not limited to Aphrodite Temple Weekend Worship Services and PsychoNaughty Love Rituals. We find the sliding scale created by Alexis Cunningfolk for her website and services very helpful and repost our version of her “green bottle graphic” below. This is a helpful way of assisting people as they look at how to determine what donations to make for our services. We are more than willing to work with those who cannot pay full price. We request that first time attendees discuss their donations during the screening interview. We request that returning participants request an interview if the amounts given in the registration form are not workable. In either case, to receive a private confidential video chat about how to register send us an email at llraphroditetemple@gmail.com

Private Practices

Each of our three board of directors also maintain a private for profit practice through our separate LLC’s. These services and sessions we provide through our businesses which are separate from but connected to the Living Love Revolution Sanctuary. We pay taxes and provide for fee services in our private practices. We offer mediation, ombudsman, spiritual mentoring and coaching services as well as a wide range of classes and workshops.

Contributions for LLRS Aphrodite Temple Services & Our Sliding Scale/Economic Justice Guidelines

Aphrodite Temples are weekend long services which include five (5) – six (6) catered meals, a three (3) day facilitated retreat-style Aphrodite Worship Service with 2 nights of overnight accommodations at a rented venue.

Your Sanctuary membership contributions are non-refundable. However, in most cases, if you are unable to attend an Aphrodite Temple that you registered for and you cancel more than a week in advance, you may be able to transfer the amount you have contributed to future services, such as future Temples or individual sessions. If you are unable to attend because of testing positive for Covid-19 or another infectious disease at the door of our event venue, we may not be wble to transfer your contribution to another LLRS event. We also reserve the right to remove an administrative fee for the work involved in tracking the contribution.

For 2023 donation categories for Public Aphrodite Temples are:

Supporting those who are unable to meet our sliding scale /economic justice guidelines

If you are unable to afford the full price of Temple we are happy to work with you. We want Aphrodite Temple events to be accessible to all, regardless of income.

We frequently can offer a work trade slots tailored to your unique talents and financial situation. Other arrangements can be made if necessary. If this is something you would be interested in, please let us know when you arrange your initial screening interview.

We also offer partial and full scholarships when our scholarship fund has received contributions. This is only available at services when we have received contributions in excess of the costs for the service provided. Let us know if you are interested in this during your interview and we will let you know if scholarship funds are available.