LLRS Aphrodite Temple Registration


Aphrodite Temple events are the religious services of the Living Love Revolution Sanctuary

Not all who desire to attend will be allowed to register, as we want to be sure the experience and theme is right for your particular needs from a group Sacred Erotic experience. Only those who have had an application interview with one of the Hierophants or Temple managers are eligible to register for Temple. If you have not yet had an official interview, please send us an email at llraphroditetemple@gmail.com.

Once we have determined together if Aphrodite Temple is right for you, in order to be registered you will be required to make a full or partial deposit and to fill out our Registration Form. If you are accepted, information on how to pay and where to find the form will be provided.

Registration does not officially occur until payment has been received as long as you have had an application interview. We do accept deposits or multiple payments as long as registration is paid in full one week before Temple. A partial deposit also locks you in to the current pricing level.

Interested in attending? Check out the Upcoming Aphrodite Temples and Guidelines for COVID-19 for more info.