What Is Aphrodite Temple?


Living Love Revolution Aphrodite Temple is an Aphrodisiacal Education Weekend Retreat. This retreat is designed as a Sacred Magick Ritual dedicated to invoking Aphrodite and offering the experience of Transpersonal Love. We offer a  body-positive, consent-oriented, queer-centric, and poly-normative sacred space.

Aphrodite Temple is a quarterly opportunity to practice creating a community of Aphrodisiacal culture where we agree to investigate and explore our own needs for touch and intimacy while holding exquisite space for each of us to explore desire as it naturally arises in our bodies. It is open to people of all sexes, genders, sexualities, bodies, and relationship structures.

Experience training in being able to provide Transpersonal Divine Love; love that goes beyond socialization, beyond gender essentialism, and beyond heteronormative dyads. The (counter)cultural context created by and experienced within LLR Aphrodite Temple is oriented toward healing the erotic traumas inflicted on all of us by the dominant paradigm and shifting our lived experience from one of oppression and obedience to one of sovereignty and authenticity.

Our Aphrodite Temple Service includes a three-day facilitated spiritual retreat with overnight accommodations and meals. Our Aphrodite Temple Service begins on Friday afternoon and concludes Sunday at @ 3pm. Most of our weekend long services provide 4-6 nutritious meals with a typical meal plan being: Dinner on Friday, breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday. The three-days of Aphrodite worship includes chanting, singing, meditations, dancing, spell work, and abundant opportunities for connection and ecstatic exploration with individuals and within groups.

After attending Temple, celebrants report experiencing new depths of safety and authenticity that help them achieve unprecedented levels of intimacy and liberation in their personal lives.